Briefs or Trunks?? 🤔

Briefs or Trunks?? 🤔

Briefs or Trunks?

The ultimate question “Briefs or Trunks?” has plagued men for years. At least in the underwear world. But what about the swim world? When thinking about swim briefs or swim trunks it may be hard to decide which would be the best and why. There are various reasons why you may want to sport your banana in a brief rather than a trunk or vice versa. Here are a few reasons you may consider when contemplating over what to wear on your next swim trip . . .



Briefs provide the most support

Just like underwear, a swim brief will provide the most support to your nether region. Keeping the banana and nectarines in place while do any activity (swimming, running, etc.). 

Trunks allow you to wear any support

Swim trunks are great in terms of letting you to wear any type of support underneath. Our Banana Trunks have no netting, letting you to choose your support. However, if you want to free-ball it go for it! No judgment here :)



Briefs allow you to be the most flexible

Looking for more mobility, or need to do a backflip in a swim suit? Then a swim brief is your best option. Swim briefs are form fitting and have less fabric in general. So the extra leg fabric won’t get in the way when you need to run a beach marathon or when you are swimming in a competitive race. 

Trunks are the least flexible

In general, swim trunks provide the least flexibility. Bunching up, sagging, and dragging are all common issues with a longer suit. To reduce these, choose a shorter trunk option or go with a brief. 


Tan Lines

Briefs reduce visible tan lines

Tired of pale thighs and want an even skin tan? Wearing a swim brief does just that. Allowing you to tan your thighs and even cheeks based on the type of brief you wear. But we always recommend higher SPF sunscreen for your thighs since these areas tend to be more sensitive to sun exposure. 

Trunks provide the most coverage

Not a fan of getting burnt or want to protect your legs from the sun? Then a swim trunk is the best suit for you. Swim trunks are longer and cover up more skin, preventing any unwanted sun exposure. But don’t forget to apply sunscreen right around your leg where your trunk ends. Thighs are always prone to burning up more in this area.



Briefs and trunks can be the same in comfortability, and really is based on preference. Choice of underwear is a good basis. If you are more used to wearing briefs, then swim briefs will also be comfortable as well for you. While if you are more used to wearing boxers, then swim trunks will also be more comfortable for you. 

However, if you want to try something new, we say go for it! Swim briefs are not pigeonholed to one type of person or size. And swim trunks are also fun to wear, try a shorter trunk to show off those thighs!!

We want to free those thighs, because thighs need their time too to be loved and appreciated as much as your arms and torso. We know, we know, a swim brief may not be your first choice but we challenge you to try a shorter trunk. A good start will be our Banana trunk. They are an appropriate length for anyone and anywhere. 

What do you think? Leave your response in the comment section below.

Now go out and get your Banana suit today.

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