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Shop my favorite designs 😍. I wear these to the beach, to the gym, and just around the house.

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  • Dual Lined 😎

    Sometimes we have to keep our banana out of sight. So our briefs are all lined. Which means no see through.

  • Durable Fabric 💪

    Our suits are made and printed on the finest recyclable fabric. Allowing for long lasting color and wear.

  • Cheeky 🍑

    Plus our suits make your peach look good. So why not try on a pair.

  • Mesh Pockets 💦

    All trunks have mesh pockets. Allowing for air and water to easily pass through.

  • Waist Ties 🤩

    All of our suits come with a waist tie. Allowing you to tighten your suit as much as you want.

  • No Liners 😍

    Let your boys free in our suits, we don't have any uncomfortable liners that cause irritation.