About Banana Company

Banana Co. was created to bring fun beach wear to your drawer. We want every man to feel confident in our swimwear, accentuating all banana shapes and sizes. All of our suits are designed with comfort in mind.


Who created Banana Co. and why?

Banana Co. was founded in New Jersey, by our CEO Ryan. His passion behind creating a swimwear line for men, really came down to having fun! All of the Banana suits accentuate this fun. From the banana logo to the colors to all of the fun patterns, each suit is more and more unique than the last. 


But why a banana?

The real question is why not a banana!?! The banana not only represents what the suits are holding 😉 but also represents the evolving state of bananas in general. Not all bananas are the same size, width, color, etc. Which is why the banana logo evolves to match the suit's color. We take pride in our banana, and we hope you will too by joining us on this adventure, and slipping on one of our suits!


Looking for more info on the specifics of our suits, such as our size guide? Check out our FAQs page found HERE